Sweater Weather


Nails (China Glaze)

Sweater (Zara) | Necklace (Forever 21)  | Leggings (Topshop)

Sweater (Topshop) | Leggings  (H&M)
Cardigan (H&M) | T-Shirt (Uniqlo)  | Leggings (Zara)
Cardigan (H&M)

Sweater (Calvin Klein) | Leggings (H&M) | Socks (Marimekko)

Socks (Marimekko)

Happy New Year!

It has already been established that there is no winter in Indonesia. When international retailers start packing their stores with winter items, is there any use of those garments to us staying in the country? Absolutely not.

However, we do have an "alternative" cold season. From the last, maybe 2 months of 2014 all the way to the first few months of the new year, it's rainy season! Although those super thick winter coats are still not of any use, sweaters, socks, raincoats, hats, umbrellas, etc etc are definitely a must have!! Here's how we styled ourselves--indoors--in this year's, what we'd like to call it (and what the band The Neighbourhood called) Sweater Weather!

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