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 T-Shirt Dress (Uniqlo) | Flats (The Goods Dept.) | Necklace (Topshop)

Hi, my name is Kyrena! Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently a freshman in Mentari International school Bintaro. I would like to describe my personal style as laid back and comfortable, t-shirts and jeans are ultimate closet staples. As you can see stripes are total eye candy for me, starting from thin stripes to thick ones, navy colored stripes, black ones, etc. you can say I’m a stripe hoarder! I am not a really big fan of colourful outfits as I feel it does not complement my “oh so” tanned skin, so I stick with neutral toned shades. For shoes, sneakers are my ultimate go to shoes, cant live without them. They save my feet from getting blisters and are extremely comfortable to walk around in, especially for traveling! I often restrain myself from wearing opened toed shoes, as I hate my veiny feet and long, skinny toes. This blog represents the colourful personalities of me and my friends as this becomes a place where we can all express ourselves as independent individuals and I hope you would enjoy it! xx

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