A Quick Intro


KHASILLA is a fusion of different styles blended into one, captured by our astounding photographer, Khasilla Fathia. Being in the company of each other for quite some time, we eventually decided to work together in the making of this blog, in order to express ourselves in new ways. Every inch of this blog will be coloured in different shades by different people who are decorating our own personal canvas. The name KHASILLA was chosen for the blog not only because of the name of our photographer, but because of its uniqueness. Also, we couldn't think of any other name. No, there's no long and interesting backstory. It's actually that simple. With the variety of tastes in fashion put on this blog, we hope that everyone who visits will find something they relate to or like.

Intro: Kyrena


 T-Shirt Dress (Uniqlo) | Flats (The Goods Dept.) | Necklace (Topshop)

Hi, my name is Kyrena! Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently a freshman in Mentari International school Bintaro. I would like to describe my personal style as laid back and comfortable, t-shirts and jeans are ultimate closet staples. As you can see stripes are total eye candy for me, starting from thin stripes to thick ones, navy colored stripes, black ones, etc. you can say I’m a stripe hoarder! I am not a really big fan of colourful outfits as I feel it does not complement my “oh so” tanned skin, so I stick with neutral toned shades. For shoes, sneakers are my ultimate go to shoes, cant live without them. They save my feet from getting blisters and are extremely comfortable to walk around in, especially for traveling! I often restrain myself from wearing opened toed shoes, as I hate my veiny feet and long, skinny toes. This blog represents the colourful personalities of me and my friends as this becomes a place where we can all express ourselves as independent individuals and I hope you would enjoy it! xx

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Intro: Hana

Sweater (Version Originale) | Leather Pants (H&M) | Belt Bracelet (H&M) | Gold Cuff (Gogo Philip) | Bag (Michael Kors) | Sandals (Steve Madden)

Details: Colectt Black Studded Sandals
Hi, my name is Hana and I'm a 16 year-old gemini from Jakarta, Indonesia.  I like pretty things, people and places. I'm part indo and part dutch, and that could probably explain why i'm so damn pale. I like wearing a lot of neutrals such as shades of grey, leathers and various mixed metals.  I'm also if not mildly, obsessed with getting literally everything online from pretty shoes to my mom's groceries, it's just like, easier that way, I think. My style could probably be described as simple. I like wearing basic shirts with basic pants in basic colours, maybe that's why I don't stand out that much. Although,  I have recently developed a deep love for leather and gold-plated goods, as reflected on the pictures above. The shirt and shoes are new, if you're wondering! I got them off Galeries Lafeyette last weekend, such a steal. So for my love of style and other crap like that, I decided to collaborate with four other girls on a blog that we all can contribute our special touches to. What am I to say? It's not going to be perfect, but (almost) nothing is. Maybe you like it maybe you don't. But I do hope you enjoy it.

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Intro: Rana

                                                              Shirt (Zara) | Shorts (Forever 21) | Necklace (H&M) | Creepers (Melissa)

Details: Billy Creepers
My name's Ranacinta Rahmania, 16, Tangerang. Let's see, what word would I use to describe myself? Lazy. I think this reflects on my clothing choices. Sure, I want to look great, but number one on the priority list when choosing any attire is how comfortable I am in it. I can't be bothered to actually work hard on following trends: I'd rather stay true to my roots and choose what makes me feel good--and of course, what I like.
 Number two is illusion. Let's be honest, with this height, I'll never be strutting the VS Fashion Show catwalk. So what I do is choose clothes that aren't too loose, so I don't drown in them, not too long, and doesn't divide me in half, to make sure I don't look like a dwarf. Anyway, I don't have the most magnificent fashion sense. I wear what I think looks good, which doesn't always translate well. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Other people might not appreciate what you have on, but there will always be someone who disapproves of your wardrobe choices. Bottom line is, since you can't please anyone, as long as it pleases you, why the hell not?

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